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What began as a collection of our personal experience on how to produce animation – what to do and what not to do -- certainly took a new direction for this edition of the book. With our industry becoming far more specialized in many areas with a much wider reach, and multiple approaches being available for similar end results, we reached out to many friends and colleagues who were extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and time in the creation of this effort.

We would like to thank the following people for their invaluable input and help: Michael Baum, Kathy Barrows, Gina Bradley, Rob Bredow, Jamie K. Bolio, Christine Carr, Brandy Contreras, Steve Cronan, Mark Cross, Robert Crotty, Peter Del Vecho, Mark Dindal, Steve Donmyer, Neil Eskuri, Michael Garcia, Paul Gerard, Howard Green, Andy Hendrickson, Melanie Jones, David Karoll, Heather Kenyon, Darren Kiner, Fumi Kitahara-Otto, Lori Korngiebel, Kat Kosmala, Nancy Kruse, Monica Lago-Kaytis, Angela Lepito, Dori Littell-Herrick, Kim Mackey, Maggie Malone, Peter McEvoy, Phil McNally, Dayna Meltzer, Howard Meyers, Jamie Mitchell, Robert Neuman, Ed Olson, Michelle Papandrew, Sue Perrotto, Kerry Phelan, Ashley Postlewaite, Kathleen Quaife, Kristina Reed, Dawn Rivera-Ernster, Jahmad Rollins, Jennifer Rudin, Lisa Salamone, Eugene Salandra, Maryam Sharifi, David Siegel, Kahli Small, Donna Smith, Melissa Sturm, Brett Swain, Connie Thompson, Nancy Ulene, Darrell Van Citters, Lizbeth Velasco, Anna Vocino, Michael Wigert and Mary Ann Williams.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to our reviewers, who played a very significant part in shaping this book: Robert H. Bagley, Craig Berkey, John Donkin, Steve Goldberg, Jim Houston, Tim Jones, Mohit Kallianpur, Igor Khait, Kyle Odermatt, Michael Paxton, Tony Pelle, Margot Pipkin, Craig Price and Hameed Shaukat.

We would like to express our appreciation to Allison Abbate for her sharing her experience as a perfect setup for this book in her Foreword. We are extremely thankful for the time and effort put forth by those who composed sidebars for the book, namely: Bonnie Arnold, Kirk Bodyfelt, Ellen Cockrill, John Donkin, Lala Gavgavian, Jinko Gotoh, Don Hahn, Amy Jupiter, Julie Kane-Ritsch, Igor Khait, Don Parker, Jill Sanford, Ivan Shih, Evan Spiridellis and Irene Weibel. Additionally, we thank all individuals whom we have quoted for sharing with us their definition of what makes a good producer.

We owe our deepest gratitude to the team and artists at Rainmaker whose work on Luna serves as our case study for this book, especially Francesca Natale for her artistic direction and character design, James Wallace and Max Wahyudi for their creation of the amazing character models and Donna Brockropp for her many story panels and film direction. We also greatly appreciate the graphic design expertise of Shalinder Matharu who helped create the many Luna layouts featured herein and the design of the website. We are grateful for the talents of Lisa Coonfer who was responsible for the coordination of the Luna artwork, the many conference calls, and countless other organizational efforts required among the three of us.  Thank you also to the following Rainmaker staff who helped coordinate the artwork and corresponding Luna website: Jongpil Choi, Candice Bone, Kimberly Dennison, Kylie Ellis and Steph Huot.

Another round of artistic applause goes to Wilbert Plijnaar for crafting what we consider the perfect design for the cover of our new edition, and to Derin Basden for applying his time and talent to our Producing Animation website.

I, Catherine, would like to thank my husband Craig Berkey for his consistent and unwavering support in everything I do. I would also like to thank my children, Dylan and Sophie, for all of their patience and sacrifice of precious time together that enabled me to focus on this passion project.

I, Zahra, consider myself fortunate for having such an amazing and extraordinary circle of friends and family. I would like to thank my father, Hushang Dowlatabadi, and my brother, Hadi Dowlatabadi, for their continuous cheerleading and support. Once again, my mother Mahdokht Sanati took it upon herself to do all she can to allow me to write. Words simply fail me when it comes to thanking her. I would like to acknowledge my daughter Emily for being a never-ending source of inspiration. And finally, I would like to thank my beloved husband, Jim Beihold. His love and infinite patience continue to provide me with sustenance. My uncle Homayoun Sanatizadeh always was and always will be my inspiration to re-think as often as possible!

I, Tracey, am grateful to Don Hahn for suggesting I become part of this project, and more importantly, for first opening the door into the world of animation for me. I am also deeply indebted to Mark Dindal, Randy Fullmer and all the amazing talent I have worked with in this industry for showing me what an incredible experience collaborative creativity can be. I am forever thankful for the support of my friends and family, especially my husband Mike and my boys, Joshua and Ryan, without whose love and support none of this happy adventure would be possible.