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Producing Animation is a comprehensive guide to the production industry. Already a relied upon resource by professionals and students alike, this book covers the process from script to screen while defining the role of the producer at each phase. The second edition features new content such as sidebars on key topics from industry experts, discussions on CG, 2D and stereoscopic production processes, and an overview on marketing and distribution.

Producing Animation offers:
  • A complete guide to identifying, pitching, developing and producing an animated show with detailed resources for production planning, budgeting, scheduling, tracking, delivering, marketing and distribution.
  • Tools to establish the best production practices for your project with insight into the inner workings of animation production at successful studios, both large and small.
  • Versatile and practical sample charts, tables and templates for CG and 2D animation production to help launch your project with solid processes and procedures.
  • A unique collection of the knowledge, experience and advice of industry professionals on a wide variety of topics, from selling your project to setting up a co-production to stereoscopic filmmaking. And here is the list of esteemed industry professionals who share their insight through sidebar discussions on a wide variety of topics:
  • Bonnie Arnold:  Stereoscopic Filmmaking at 20,000 Feet
  • Kirk Bodyfelt: Sequels: Part Two, Three or More
  • Ellen Cockrill: The Curious Art of Developing a Known Property
  • John Donkin:  When Green Isn’t Green
  • Lala Gavgavian: Sourcing and Courting: The Adventure of Recruiting
  • Jinko Gotoh:  Communication is Key
  • Don Hahn: Working with the Game Changers in an Ever-Changing Game
  • Amy Jupiter:  Steering a Ship While Planning a Party
  • Julie Kane-Ritsch: Standing Out in a Crowd
  • Igor Khait:  The Perils and Joys of Togetherness
  • Don Parker:  Turning Pipeline Chaos into Production Central
  • Jill Sanford: Perseverance and Belief in Your Vision
  • Ivan Shih:  The Wheels of The Train
  • Evan Spiridellis:  The Impact of the Interweb
  • Irene Weibel: Would You Marry Your Co-Producer?