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“If you have ever dreamed of becoming an animation producer, buy this book. Producing Animation’s clear and concise approach leads the reader from the germination of an idea through implementation in the marketplace. I know of no other book that offers such a comprehensive understanding of the business.”

— Brooke Breton, Sr. Production Executive, Illumination Entertainment; Co-Producer, Avatar and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; Producer, The Road to Eldorado; Former Sr. VP, Digital Domain; Associate Producer, Star Trek Films IV, V and VI

"Producing Animation is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about animation production, from students to artists to management. I highly recommend it to individuals looking to improve their knowledge and skills for the industry, especially aspiring animation executives. Its step-by-step approach takes a complex process and simplifies it in an easy to comprehend and utilize way.”

— Sander Schwartz, Head of Children's & Family Entertainment, FremantleMedia Enterprises


“I am a big fan of your book - thank you for the education and the practical wisdom.”

— Paul Husband
Attorney at B. Paul Husband, a prof. corp. and Owner, Soaring Eagles Entertainment, Inc.


“For a small independent animation company looking to grow, Producing Animation parted the clouds and shone light on the fact that there is order to be had, there is a way that works. The book practically highlights all the key principles and practices involved in establishing a solid foundation and workflow that will stand up under the weight of the inevitably monumental strain of production.”

— Brent Dawes
Writer & Director 
Sunrise Productions, Cape Town South Africa